Do you have an interest in Virtual Fencing technology and agroecology?

The Harper Adams University is hosting a Digital Tools Scoping Workshop (DTSW) on the 13th October 2023 to discuss the use of Virtual Fencing towards achieving more agroecologically based grazing systems.

The workshop is part of the EU’s Horizon Europe D4AgEcol project, co-funded by the UKRI.

The DTSW will include demonstration of the Harper Adams Virtual Fencing Technology and discussions of the implementation of this particular technology in agroecology, its positive and negative impacts on agroecology, and its potential adoption in the UK.

Furthermore, discussions will focus on:

  • Learning about the economics of the virtual fencing.
  • Networking with farmers, advisors, tech-specialists and researchers working in this space.
  • Influencing future policy around enabling agroecology and the use of virtual fencing to achieve it.
  • Getting access to future D4AgEcol outputs and all the fact-sheets for 10 other technologies being assessed for their ability to enable agroecology-based farming systems.

The focus of the 1st Harper Adams University DTSW is to define the positive or negative impacts of Virtual Fencing technology on different elements of agroecology and managers achieving agroecology-based farming systems and to predict the adoption rate of virtual fencing systems in the UK.

Stay tuned to learn about the outcomes of the 1st HAU’s Digital Tools Scoping Workshop!