Work Packages

WP1 aims at mapping and categorizing the digital tools in crop and livestock farming

In particular, WP1 will:

  • Map already used, but not widely adopted digital tools, as well as emerging digital tools
  • Categorize the digital tools based on their proven economic and environmental benefits
  • Provide a spectrum of available digital tools to be tested in the selected living labs.

WP2 aims at providing a framework to assess the potentials of digital tools regarding their agroecological impact

A list of indicators for the assessment of digitalisation digital tools or technologies reflecting the ‘10 elements of agroecology shall be developed. Based on the indicators a protocol will be developed defining how to practically apply the indicator assessment in the case studies and to summarise results. Final aim of the WP2 is to derive fact sheets on the analysed tools and technologies, which can be used to inform stakeholders and other potential users of the tools and technologies.

WP3 aims at improving the understanding of the barriers, drivers, risks, potential time and peak adoption rates, and usability of digital tools to enhance agroecological farming across diverse pedoclimatic regions

WP3 will produce content for dissemination in WP5 to a diverse range of stakeholders. The outcomes from these tasks would be the identification of the factors that inhibit and enhance the adoption of digital tools for agroecologically based farming systems in each partners country.

WP4 aims at addressing research, innovation and regulation needs as regards digital tools to support the transition to agroecology in the EU and Associated Countries

The overall objective of WP4 is to develop roadmaps on digitalisation as enabler for agroecology at national and European levels. Each suggestion for roadmaps will be elaborated with the partners and involved stakeholders and actors. Both road maps will include efforts needed in regard to scientific, political issues.

WP5 aims at providing increased visibility of D4AgEcol project

In particular, WP5 will:

  • Develop a regularly updated Plan for Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication
  • Widely disseminate the project results at regional, national and European level
  • Communicate the project and its results to targeted audiences and general public
  • Pave the way for a successful exploitation
  • Cluster with relevant European projects and research initiatives

The project coordination is the objective of WP6 which enables the interaction of the project participants to fulfil the overarching goal of the project and secures the realisation of the project plan. The objective of WP7 is to ensure compliance with the ‘ethics requirements’ set out in this work package.